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Graph-R ver.2.45

The “Graph-R” has been upgraded the following:
– The default value of “Auto Scale” for “X Scale”, “Y Scale”, and “Z Scale” has been changed to ON.
– Changed the compiler from VC++2015 to VC++2019.

Graph-R ver.2.43

The “Graph-R” has been upgraded the following:
– Fixed that the display direction of the graph changes when the setting is changed by selecting “X-Z rotation” with mouse rotation.
– Added a function to read as data format 1 when numeric values are described in 5 or more columns from the top of CSV file.
– Added the function to display the numbers sideways if the display interval of the scale numbers is narrow.

Graph-R ver.2.41

The “Graph-R” has been upgraded the following:
– Changed the method of saving scale value to setting file.
– Changed numeric input of scale. (Part 2)
– Fixed that contour can not be displayed when data interval of X or Y is too small in data format 1.