Participation in machine learning contest (Kaggle)
Approximately 125,000 data scientists from all over the world from fields such as information science, statistics, economics and mathematics register and compete for the optimal model of machine learning (AI). Won 1 Gold Medal and 4 silver medals, 2 bronze medals.

Understanding Clouds from Satellite Images (Gold Medal Acquisition)
Participated in a contest to classify satellite images. 10th place, top 1% (1,538 team participation) scored and won a gold medal.

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10th place solution

APTOS 2019 Blindness Detection (Silver Medal Acquisition)
Participated in a contest to detect diabetic retinopathy from fundus camera images. 104th place, top 4% (2,943 team participation) scored and won a silver medal.

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Predicting Molecular Properties (Silver Medal Acquisition)
Participated in a contest to predict the interaction between atoms. 44th place, top 2% (2,749 team participation) scored and won the silver medal.

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AI (artificial intelligence) related work
Operation failure data AI analysis
The characteristics of individual differences due to differences in the operation of product inspectors, etc. are extracted, the causes leading to defects are analyzed by AI, and the inspection results are evaluated. Based on this, sensor specifications, control specifications, component specifications, etc. will be changed (determined) to realize the development of safer products that do not cause problems.

Software development support for onboard monitoring systems
Ohtsu Maritime Research Institute Co., Ltd. Representative Director Tohru Itoh is developing software for a new navigation / engine hybrid monitoring system using statistical models researched and developed by the late Kohei Ohtsu (Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology). Technical assistance was provided as a technical advisor to the Ohtsu Maritime Research Institute.

[Related papers]
Jun Wu, Hui Peng, Kohei Ohtsu, Genshiro Kitagawa, Tohru Itoh: ‘Ship’s tracking control based on nonlinear time series model’, Applied Ocean Research 36 (2012), pp.1-11, 2012